#729 Almaza Pilsener Beer


Name: Almaza Pilsener Beer
Brewery: Brasserie Almaza
Brewery Location: Bauchrieh, Lebanon
Style: German Pilsener (BeerAdvocate); Pale Lager (RateBeer); Pilsner – Other (UNTAPPD)
Alcohol By Volume (ABV): 4.2%
Location Purchased: Lebanese Taverna (McLean, Virginia, USA)
Date Sampled: 4/8/2016

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#728 Devils Backbone’s / Surly’s Risen


Name: Devils Backbone’s / Surly’s Risen
Brewery: Devils Backbone Brewing Company / Surly Brewing Company
Brewery Location: Roseland, Virginia, USA / Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA & Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, USA
Style: American Brown Ale (BeerAdvocate); American Strong Ale (RateBeer); Brown Ale – Imperial / Double (UNTAPPD)
Alcohol By Volume (ABV): 8.4%
Location Purchased: Dropped off at Navy Yard Gordon Biersch by beer rep for sampling
Date Sampled: 4/7/2016

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#726 St. George Beer & #727 Devils Backbone’s Danzig

Last night (4/2/2016) Ryan and I drove to Herndon, VA to have dinner at Enatye Ethiopian Restaurant. We each got an order of Mixed Veg. Sambas (pastry shell filled with lentils, onions and jalapeño pepper) as an appetizer, and split the Enatye Special Combo for our entrée which consisted of five vegetarian items, lamb tips (lamb diced and cooked in a special mild sauce, Ethiopian herbal butter, onion, tomato and garlic,served with Injera), and door wot (chicken drumsticks sautéed with onions, garlic, ginger, cardamom (korerima), chili powder (berbere), and herbal butter (kibe) stew, served with one boiled egg and Injera). 

EnatyeEthiopianRestaurant-1 (4/2/2016)EnatyeEthiopianRestaurant-2 (4/2/2016)

While at Enatye Ethiopian Restaurant, I tried my first Ethiopian beer from their beer list. 


Name: St. George Beer
Brewery: St. George Brewery (BeerAdvocate); Kombolcha Brewery (RateBeer & UNTAPPD)
Brewery Location: Addis Abada, Ethiopia (BeerAdvocate); Kombolcha, Ethiopia (RateBeer & UNTAPPD)
Style: Light Lager (BeerAdvocate); Pale Lager (RateBeer); Lager – Pale (UNTAPPD)
Alcohol By Volume (ABV): 4.5%
Location Purchased: Enatye Ethiopian Restaurant (Herndon, Virginia, USA)
Date Sampled: 4/2/2016


Name: Devils Backbone’s Danzig
Brewery: Devils Backbone Brewing Company
Brewery Location: Roseland, Virginia, USA
Style: Baltic Porter
Alcohol By Volume (ABV): 8%
Location Purchased: Norm’s Beer & Wine (Vienna, Virginia, USA)
Date Sampled: 4/2/2016

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#725 Ocelot’s Frightened


Name: Ocelot’s Frightened
Brewery: Ocelot Brewing Company
Brewery Location: Sterling, Virginia, USA
Style: American Double / Imperial IPA (BeerAdvocate); Imperial IPA (RateBeer); IPA – Imperial / Double (UNTAPPD)
Alcohol By Volume (ABV): 8.7%
Location Purchased: Whole Foods Market (Vienna, Virginia, USA)
Date Sampled: 4/1/2016

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#724 Gordon Biersch’s Vanilla Porter


Name: Gordon Biersch’s Vanilla Porter
Brewery: Gordon Biersch
Brewery Location: McLean, Virginia, USA
Style: Porter – Other (UNTAPPD)
Alcohol By Volume: 6.12% (I helped brew this one)
Location Purchased: Took home a growler from Gordon Biersch (McLean, Virginia, USA)
Date Sampled: 3/29/2016

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I’m also the Assistant Brewer at the Gordon Biersch in Tysons Corner Center (McLean, Virginia, USA)