Brewer’s Best Belgian Tripel

For Christmas I was given a 5 gallon Brewer’s Best Belgian Tripel ingredients kit from my girlfriend’s parents at the perfect time to test out the new 5 gallon brewing kit I had assembled.


-4 oz. of Crushed Aromatic Malt (specialty grains) were steeped in 3 gallons of water for 1 hour around 152 °F using a propane burner and a 5 gallon brewing kettle.
-Then the specialty grains were placed in a strainer and half a gallon of hot water was poured over top to remove any remaining sugars from the spent grains.
-After a boil was reached, the pot was removed from the burner and all the DME, LME, and  candy sugar was stirred into the kettle, and brought to a boil once again.
-Then the wort boiled for a total of 55 minutes with a 1 oz. Northern Brewer hop addition at the beginning of the boil, and a 0.5 oz UK Kent Goldings hop addition 5 minutes before the end of the boil.
-The wort was then cooled using an immersion wort chiller with a sank adapter.
-Then the wort was transferred through a strainer into a 6.5 gallon glass carboy by way of a funnel.
-The carboy was topped up with cold water reaching 5 gallons total. After aerating the carboy by shaking it around for a minute, the dry yeast packet was added to the fermenter, and the airlock (with a little water added) was attached to the carboy top.
-The primary fermenter was then placed inside the fermentation chamber.
-This belgian tripel spent 2 weeks in a 6.5 gallon carboy for primary fermentation and 2 weeks in a 5 gallon carboy for secondary fermentation.
-Once the beer was in the secondary for two weeks it was transferred into a bottle bucket, along with priming sugar, and added to twenty-four 12 oz bottles and twelve 22 oz bottles, capped and placed back in the fermentation chamber for two more weeks to bottle condition.

BB Tripel-1BB Tripel-2


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One thought on “Brewer’s Best Belgian Tripel

  1. I had done the same kit and it was the only one that I feel like mine looked like. Didn’t know that it was the same till I looked at the page the pic linked me to. Crazy thing is that I have found that others that have done the same kit doesn’t look the same. I used my well water here in North Carolina. And racked it to the secondary. Followed the directions to a “T”. It taste great and “I” feel that it came out perfect. Especially being my very first brew. What kind of water did you use? Did you change anything? Did you follow the directions? Have a beer that I am racking to secondary on 12-20-14 that is not a kit beer. I did have a recipe though. It is on it is a “Mable Bacon Smoked Red Ale”. Cant wait. Happy Brewing

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