#708 Terrapin’s Single Origin Coffee Stout: Hawaii Kona

On the way home from work this past Monday I stopped by Norm’s Beer & Wine (Vienna, Virginia, USA) and grabbed the Single Origin Coffee Stout 4-pack from the Terrapin Beer Company (Athens, Georgia, USA). With these 4 beers, Terrapin combined the same base stout recipe with 4 different single origin coffees from around the world sourced from Jittery Joe’s Coffee (Athens, Georgia, USA). Last night (3/1/2016) I had Terrapin’s Single Origin Coffee Stout: Hawaii Kona clocking in at 5.7% alcohol by volume (ABV), 30 IBUs (International Bitterness Units), and an original gravity (OG) of 14.5.


According to Terrapin’s website, the base stout was brewed using 2-Row, Crystal 85, Flaked Barly, Flaked Oats, Chocolate, Blackprinz, Midnight Wheat, Black, and Roasted Barley; and Nugget hops. The 12 fl oz (355 mL) bottle for Terrapin’s Single Origin Coffee Stout: Hawaii Kona also lists information about the coffee.

Origin: USA
Loc: Hawaii
Farm: Lehuula
Elevation: 415m
Processing: Fully Washed
Grade: Extra Fancy
Varietal: Kona Typica
Tasting Notes: Clove, Honey, Tea-Like


Both BeerAdvocate.com and UNTAPPD.com have Terrapin’s Single Origin Coffee Stout: Hawaii Kona listed as an American Stout on tier websites. RateBeer.com has the beer listed under their Stout category. The remaining beers in Terrapin’s Single Origin Coffee Stout 4-pack are Guatemala Huehuetenango, Ethiopia Hambela, and Sumatra Wahana Natural.

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