#706 Old Bust Head’s Graffiti House West Coast Style IPA

Last night (2/27/2016) Ryan’s friend, Janelle, had people over to her house to hangout and have a few drinks before going to Ultrazone Laser Tag to celebrate her birthday. On the way to her house, we stopped off at Whole Foods Market (Vienna, Virginia, USA) and grabbed a 6-pack of Old Bust Head’s Graffiti House West Coast IPA to bring with us. Graffiti House West Coast IPA is a 7.5% alcohol by volume (ABV) beer from the Old Bust Head Brewing Company (Warrenton, Virginia, USA).


According to their website, Old Bust Head’s Graffiti House West Coast IPA was brewed using Fauquier County well water; 2-Row Brewer’s Malt, Cara-Pils Malt, Caramel 10L Malt, and Special Roast Malt; Mosaic, Cascade, and CTZ Hops; and brewers yeast. As far as beer style, Graffiti House was listed as an American IPA on BeerAdvocate, as an India Pale Ale (IPA) on RateBeer, and as an IPA – American on UNTAPPD. This beer exhibits an original gravity (OG) of 17.4 °P, a final gravity (FG) of 3.6 °P, 75 IBUs (International Bitterness Units) and 11 SRM (Standard Reference Method).

“From Civil War scrawls on the walls of Graffiti House to illicit aerosol artistry we all endeavor to leave our mark. Our Graffiti House West Coast Style IPA asserts its presence with a potent aroma of passion fruit, mango, guava, and citrus. The bold and juicy tropical body is a unique signature of the Mosaic hops, while Cascade hops contribute to a clean citrus finish for a flavor so singular it leaves its own indelible impression.” – Old Bust Head Brewing Company

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