#698 Firestone Walker’s Wookey Jack

On the same day Ryan and I stopped at Norm’s Beer & Wine this past weekend to grab a few beers for home consumption, Ryan’s father had the same idea and brought some home as well. To celebrate the news of me getting my first brewing job as an Assistant Brewer at Gordon Biersch, we ordered a pizza and tried the first beer he got us last night (2/15/2016). This was Firestone Walker’s Wookey Jack, an 8.3% alcohol by volume (ABV) Black Rye IPA from the Firestone Walker Brewing Company (Paso Robles, California, USA).


According to Firestone Walker’s website, Wookey Jack was brewed using Pale Malt, Malted Rye, a dash of Cara-Rye, Midnight Wheat from Briess, De-Bittered Black Malt (Weyermann – Germany/Patagonia malting – Chile), and dash of Wookey dust; German Magnum hops for bittering, and Citra and Amarillo hops for flavor/aroma and double dry-hopping). Firestone Walker’s Wookey Jack is part of their Proprietor’s Reserve series and exhibits 80 IBUs (International Bitterness Units) and 45 SRM (Standard Reference Method; measures color).


Woken Jack has won several medals including Gold at the Great American Beer Festival (2012 and 2013). Below is the commercial description of Firestone Walker’s Wookey Jack:

“A riff on the familiar Black IPA style, Wookey Jack is gnarly on the outside yet refined on the inside. Malted Rye and a dash of Cara Rye impart a spicy grain quality to the palate, while double dry-­‐hopping with Citra and Amarillo hops brings a citrusy dimension to the aroma profile. The brewing team also claims to have incorporated a bit of “Wookey Dust” into the recipe. The beer is black in color, but if you close your eyes and taste it, you’ll say it’s a true IPA. Wookey Jack is unfined and unfiltered to retain its woolly natural texture and character.” – Firestone Walker Brewing Company

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