#674 Brooklyn’s Shackmeister Ale

Last night (2/2/2016) we met Ryan’s friends at Shake Shack (Washington, D.C., USA) for food and a beer before the Washington Capitals hockey game at the Verizon Center. No pics of the food but I ordered the Chick’n Shack (crispy chicken breast with lettuce, pickles, and buttermilk herb mayo) and an order of crinkle cut fries. The beer I went with was Brooklyn’s Shackmeister Ale, a 4.8% alcohol by volume (ABV) Pale Ale brewed exclusively for Shake Shack by the Brooklyn Brewery (Brooklyn, New York, USA).


According to the Brooklyn Brewery website, Shackmeister Ale was brewed using British Pale, Caramalt, and Crystal malts; Pilgrim, Perle, and Glacier hops; and Brookln’s house ale yeast. This beer exhibits an original gravity (OG) of 11.6 °Plato and is only available at Shake Shack. The Brooklyn Brewery provides their customers with food pairing suggestions on their website including ” Shake Shack burgers. The rest of the menu works too, but the burgers are the star.”

Below is the commercial description of Brooklyn’s Shackmeister Ale:

“We’ve been friends with Danny Meyer and the team behind Shake Shack since their early days at the Union Square Cafe. In 2008, shortly before the expansion that would bring their Madison Square Park Shake Shack to the world stage, they came to us and asked if we could create a beer to match their delicious burgers. A job like that would call for a great deal of burger-related research, so we jumped at the opportunity.

A great many “field trial burgers” later, we delivered the first kegs of Brooklyn Shackmeister Ale to Madison Square Park. Today, Shacks around the world proudly stock the nobly-purposed ale. We brew Shackmeister Ale as a hearty pale ale with plenty of malts to match the rich, griddled beef in every Shackburger. A bright burst of hops unifies the finish and invites the drinker to take another bite and accompanying sip.” – Brooklyn Brewery

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