#672 Hardywood’s Goldrush

Last night (1/29/2016) Ryan and I split a bottle of Hardywood’s Goldrush, a Petit Manseng Barrel Aged Saison refermented with unpasteurized Goldrush Cider and bottle conditioned with Brettanomyces. I got this beer from the Hardywood Park Craft Brewery taproom (Richmond, Virginia, USA) while on my road trip from Savannah, GA to Vienna, VA. The bottle states Hardywood’s Goldrush is part of their native flora series.


Hardywood’s Goldrush came in a 375 mL (12.7 fl oz) caged and corked bottle with a manila paper colored label. According to Hardywood’s website, Goldrush underwent a mixed primary fermentation with Saccharomyces Trois and Brettanomyces L, then it was refermented in Petit Manseng wine barrels along with unpasteurized Goldrush apple cider that was pressed at Blue Bee Cider (Richmond, Virginia, USA).


Below is the commercial description for Hardywood’s Goldrush:

“Goldrush, is a unique saison aged for 6 months in white wine barrels. Initially undergoing mixed primary fermentation with Saccharomyces Trois & Brettanomyces L, it was next refermented in freshly dumped petit Manseng wine barrels with unpasteurized Goldrush apple cider, pressed in Richmond, Va at Blue Bee Cider. This limited edition 100% bottle conditioned nectar features tart notes of lush white wine and juicy pineapple.” – Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

Information about beer found at:

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