#668 South Street’s Devil Fish

With Blizzardageddon 2016 behind us, we were able to venture out of Ryan’s house yesterday for a little snow shoveling and a fight-to-the-death snowball fight. Unfortunately, with the amount of snowfall we are still unable to get any of the cars out of the driveway for now. Last night (1/24/2016) while hanging out with Ryan’s family, I tried another beer we got from Whole Foods Market (Vienna, Virginia, USA). This was South Street’s Devil Fish, a 7.61% alcohol by volume (ABV) Barrel-Aged American Wild Ale from the South Street Brewery (Charlottesville, Virginia, USA).


South Street’s Devil Fish came in a 1 pint 9.4 fl oz (750 mL) caged and corked bottle with a very intense looking anglerfish on the front label. According to South Street’s website, Devil Fish underwent a mixed fermentation with Belgian and Scottish ale yeasts and then placed in second-use bourbon barrels harboring Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus which are used for their sour program. The bottle stated South Street’s Devil Fish was brewed using Pilsner, Munich, Honey, Flaked Oats, Special B, and Cararuby malts; Nugget, Cascade, Palisade, Warrior, and Fuggle hops; Lactobacillus; Brettanomyces; lemongrass; Belgian ale yeast; and Scottish ale yeast.


South Street’s Devil Fish also exhibits 25 IBUs (International Bitterness Units), 14.92 °SRM (Standard Reference Method; used to measure beer color), an original gravity of 17.56 °Plato, and a final gravity of 3.60 °Plato. Below is the commercial description of South Street’s Devil Fish:

“Barrel-Aged American Wild Ale. Sour, light barrel-flavors, light citrus, malt…it’s a crazy beer; complicated and delicious. This beer underwent a mixed primary fermentation with Belgian and Scottish ale yeasts, and was turned wild in the barrels with the addition of naturally occurring brettanomyces and lactobacillus that harbor in the second-use bourbon barrels in our sour program. The base beer is a deep amberish color with crystal-malt accents balancing the multi-layer hopping. A late addition of dry hops plus lemongrass to the aged beer provides a unique finish. 7.6% alc/vol. 25 IBUs.” – South Street Brewery

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