#656 Coastal Empire’s Barrel Aged Savannah Brown

Last night (1/12/2016) I tried another beer from the The Coastal Empire Beer Company (Savannah, Georgia, USA) which is brewery that I have been volunteering at for the past few weeks. I have learned much from my time there including CIP (clean in place) procedures, filtering with diatomaceous earth (DE), canning/bottling, yeast harvesting, and much more. Tomorrow I get the chance to witness a double batch 20 bbl (barrel) brew day of their Tybee Island Blonde that will go in one of their 40 bbl fermenters. I’m very excited and once again want to thank everyone at Coastal Empire for this opportunity.


So the beer I had was Coastal Empire’s Barrel Aged Savannah Brown coming in at 6.2% alcohol by volume (or ABV) which I found at Habersham Beverage (Savannah, Georgia, USA). For this beer, Coastal Empire takes their Savannah Brown Ale and ages it in whiskey barrels for six months to a year. Barrel Aged Savannah Brown has won many medals since being introduced in 2013 including Bronze (2013), Gold (2014), and Silver (2015) in the U.S. Open Beer Championships under the Wood/Barrel Aged Dark Beer category. BeerAdvocate and UNTAPPD categorize Coastal Empire’s Barrel Aged Savannah Brown as an American Brown Ale, while ratebeer just says Brown Ale on its website.


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