#654 Terrapin’s Side Project 26: Poivre Potion

Yesterday afternoon I stopped in at Habersham Beverage on Abercorn St. (Savannah, Georgia, USA) to pick up a few bombers since I had depleted the beer stockpile (see #618 for more info) the night before. The beer I tried last night (1/10/2016) was Terrapin’s Side Project 26: Poivre Potion, a 9.3% alcohol by volume (ABV) Dry Hopped Pink Peppercorn Saison from the Terrapin Beer Company (Athens, Georgia, USA).


Terrapin’s Side Project 26: Poivre Potion came in a 1 pint 6 fl oz (650.6 mL) bottle with a label consisting of a lipstick-kissed glass of beer sitting on an outside table in front of a French restaurant with a turtle smoking in the background, wearing a beret. According to Terrapin’s website, Poivre Potion was brewed using Two Row, Vienna, Wheat, and Flaked Wheat malts; Amarillo, Galaxy, and Jarrylo hops (the same three hop varieties were used for dry hopping as well); and pink peppercorns. This beer exhibits 35 IBUs (International Bitterness Units) and an Original Gravity (OG) of 19.2.


Terrapin’s Side Project 26: Poivre Potion was actually the winner of Terrapin’s 2015 Employee Homebrew Challenge where the employees “choose a name, design a label concept, develop a marketing strategy, and present the brew through a skit at the company holiday party”. This year had a slight twist in that a secret ingredient was announced (peppercorns) and employees had to integrate these into their final submission. The winning team consisted of Daniel Armstrong, Randall Davis, James Zarzour, Martha Floyd, Christian Hurley, Jack Albanese, David Stock, Nathan Palardy, John Wetzel, Johnathan Ryder, Sophia Recalde, and Lynnsey Lafayette.

Below is the commercial description of Terrapin’s Side Project 26: Poivre Potion:

“Traditional beers with a twist on their style has been a Terrapin ritual since the beginning. In keeping up the tradition, our 2015 employee beer “Poivre Potion” Dry Hopped Imperial Pink Peppercorn Saison, fits the bill. Brewed with pink peppercorns for a complex spice, and dry hopped for some extra aroma, this multifaceted beer will keep you guessing on which flavor comes next.” – Terrapin Beer Company

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