#636 Coastal Empire’s Halle

When Ryan and I went to the Coastal Empire Beer Company¬†(Savannah, Georgia, USA) this past Thursday to take the brewery tour and so I could talk with Kevin Haborak about volunteering, we came home with a 64 fl oz Coastal Empire growler filled with beer. Last night (12/19/2015)¬†we opened the growler of Coastal Empire’s Halle, a 3.8% alcohol by volume (ABV) Berliner Weisse.


I couldn’t find any information about Halle on Coastal Empire’s website, so all of the info in this post comes from either the brewery’s taproom chalkboard or from UNTAPPD.com. There are currently no posts for Coastal Empire’s Halle on Beeradvocate.com or ratebeer.com. UNTAPPD.com lists Halle at 4 IBUs (International Bitterness Units; unit for measuring bitterness).


I have added the commercial description of Coastal Empire’s Halle found on UNTAPPD.com below:

“Halle Berliner Weisse is named after Savannah’s sister city in Germany. Halle is brewed as an authentic interpretation of the classic German Style. It has a tart wheaty aroma. A clean latic sourness dominates the flavor profile with subtle citrus notes. With a low ABV, Halle is a sessionable refreshing beer.” – UNTAPPD.com

Information about beer found at:

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