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Last night (12/17/2015) Ryan and I went to the Coastal Empire Beer Company (Savannah, Georgia, USA) to meet with the founder, Keven Haborak, about me volunteering at the brewery and also to do the brewery tour. Coastal Empire charges $15/person ($10 on Fridays) for 9 tickets each worth a beer, a brewery tour, and the option of taking beer home in a growler. These prices are based on recent restrictions imposed by the Georgia Department of Revenue, where they now have to charge everyone the same price whether they are coming to have beers, taking the tour, or taking home souvenirs.  We did all three of these last night!


Kevin Haborak started homebrewing in 1995 and when his family moved from Atlanta to Savannah in 2009 he started making plans to start his own brewery. The Coastal Empire Beer Company began their journey¬†contract brewing in 2011. After deciding their first beer would be a Brown Ale, test batches were made at Blue And Grey Brewing “to scale up the recipe from 5 gallons to 600 gallons.” The Coastal Empire Beer Company officially launched at The Distillery (Savannah, Georgia, USA) on August 11, 2011, the first night of the first annual Savannah Craft Beer Week. They have since made the switch to a production brewery at a warehouse on 79 Ross Road.


Coastal Empire currently runs four 40 bbl (barrel) conical fermenters, a 20 bbl (barrel) kettle, a mash tun, a bright tank, and a canning station. As of now, they receive pre-milled malt, which the tour guide told us had something to do with too small of a building based on potential blast radius from the malt dust. They also have a barrel program which has produced their Barrel Aged Savannah Brown as well as the Barrel Aged Dawn Patrol. They hold regular tours and tastings Thursday and Friday from 5 pm until 8 pm and Saturday from 1 pm until 4 pm.

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