#633 Coastal Empire’s Inshore Slam, #634 Coastal Empire’s Southern Delight, & #635 Coastal Empire’s Barrel Aged Dawn Patrol (2014)

Last night (12/17/2015) Ryan and I drove out to the Coastal Empire Beer Company (Savannah, Georgia, USA) to take the brewery tour and also so I could meet with founder, Kevin Haborak, about helping out around the brewery while I am in Savannah. Just a brief note on that, this coming Monday I will be helping bottle two batches of beer at the brewery. Mr. Haborak also said I would be able to come by on one of their brew days as well.

While I was talking with Mr. Haborak and taking the brewery tour, I was able to sample a few of their beers on draft. The way it works, you pay $15/person and get 9 tickets. Each ticket buys you a beer and you even have the option of taking a growler home (which we did!) The first beer I tried was Coastal Empire’s Inshore Slam, a 6.8% alcohol by volume (ABV) IPA or India Pale Ale. Inshore Slam exhibits 75 IBUs (International Bitterness Units) and 6.8 SRM (Standard Reference Method; measures color) according to their website.


Below is the commercial description of Coastal Empire’s Inshore Slam from their website:

“Our IPA is aggressively hopped and comes in at 75 IBUs. The hop aromas and flavors are a balance of melon, citrus, spicy, and funky hop notes that come from the blend of four types of hops. This balance provides a intense hop flavor without an overpowering hop bite.” – Coastal Empire Beer Company

My next beer was Coastal Empire’s Southern Delight, a 5.2% ABV Praline Amber Ale brewed with Georgia pecans, Madagascar vanilla, and lactose to “produce a flavor reminiscent of a traditional Southern candy, the praline”. According to Coastal Empire’s website, Southern Delight exhibits 19 IBUs (International Bitterness Units) and 14.5 SRM (Standard Reference Method).


The commercial description of Coastal Empire’s Southern Delight is below:

“Our Praline Amber Ale is brewed with a generous addition of Georgia Pecans and Madagascar vanilla. We also add lactose to accentuate the natural caramel flavors from the malt. These additions combine to produce a flavor reminiscent of a traditional Southern candy, the praline.” – Coastal Empire Beer Company

My last beer of the night was Coastal Empire’s Barrel Aged Dawn Patrol (2014) at 10% ABV. I couldn’t find any information for Barrel Aged Dawn Patrol (2014) on Coastal Empire’s website, so all of the information comes from either their chalkboard at the brewery or from UNTAPPD and ratebeer. UNTAPPED lists this beer as a Stout – Other, while ratebeer just says Imperial Stout. The regular Dawn Patrol is considered by the brewery as an Imperial Breakfast Stout, so this one should be considered a Barrel Aged Imperial Breakfast Stout. As of now, there is no listing of the barrel aged version of Dawn Patrol on BeerAdvocate. There is no commercial description available either.


Information about beer found at:

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