#629 Terrapin’s Ales From The Wood: Richland Reserve

One of my favorite beers from the Terrapin Beer Company is Hopzilla, their Double IPA, which sadly they no longer brew. But ever since I saw the release of Terrapin’s Ales From The Wood: Richland Reserve on Terrapin’s Facebook, I have been excited to try it. With this beer, Terrapin took their vintage 2014 Hopzilla and threw it in newly emptied Richland Rum barrels and let that rest for over one year.


Terrapin’s Ales From The Wood: Richland Reserve is a 12% alcohol by volume (ABV; after aging) Double India Pale Ale aged in Richland Rum barrels from the Terrapin Beer Company (Athen, Georgia, USA). According to Terrapin’s website, Richland Reserve was brewed using Maris Otter malt; Warrior, Chinook, and Centennial hops with Citra hops used for dry hopping; and aged over one year in Richland Rum barrels.


Terrapin’s Ales From The Wood: Richland Reserve came in a 1 pint 6 fl oz (650 mL/22 fl oz) bottle with a fancy looking white label with tons of information about the beer ( tasting notes, serving temperature recommendations, barrel notes, etc.). Each bottle comes inside an “artfully designed special edition box”. This particular beer came from rum barrel #20. This beer exhibits 120 IBUs (International Bitterness Units) before aging and an original gravity (OG) of 22° Plato.


Below I added the commercial description of Richland Reserve from Terrapin’s website:

“A pair of Georgia’s liquid artisans come together by combining two art forms, craft brewing and craft distilling. Richland Reserve, the first in our Ales from the Wood series, is made from vintage 2014 Hopzilla Double IPA and has been masterfully aged in Richland Rum barrels for over one year.

Though retired, Hopzilla Double IPA is probably still fresh in the minds (and palates) of many a hophead out there. However, don’t be surprised to find that rum-barrel aging turned Hopzilla into a much different beast. Expect aromas of dark stone fruit, mellow pipe tobacco, oak, and rich alcohol, followed by flavors of caramelized sugar, plums, figs, and unrefined cane syrup. The finish brings a bitter hop presence, wood tannins, and alcohol warmth. Richland Reserve carries a noticeable depth that could only be found in such a perfectly aged brew.” – Terrapin Beer Company

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