#623 Terrapin’s Tiramisu-Hoo & #624 Terrapin’s Cinnamon Roll’d Wake-n-Bake

After seeing on Facebook that the Crystal Beer Parlor in Savannah, Georgia, USA was going to be having a few special beers on tap last night (12/09/2015) at their Terrapin Pint Night, we left the beer stockpile at home to go for drinks and an early dinner. We also got two Terrapin pint glasses to take home with us.

CrystalBeerParlor-1 (12/09/2015)

We all (Ryan, my mom, my sister, and I) split the Creamy Blue Crab Dip (thick, creamy, and loaded with the freshest crab meat, served hot with homemade potato chips). For my entrée, I went with the Seafood Combo Plate with fried shrimp (served with tartar and cocktail sauces), baked southern deviled crab (served with sweet red pepper remoulade sauce), fries, and a vinegar-based coleslaw. I didn’t even eat the coleslaw.

CrystalBeerParlor-2 (12/09/2015)

The reason we were actually here was for the beers, the first of which was Terrapin’s newest edition to their Reserve Series, Tiramisu-Hoo. Terrapin’s Tiramisu-Hoo is an 8.5% alcohol by volume (ABV) Imperial Milk Stout from the Terrapin Beer Company in Athens, Georgia, USA. This beer was available on draft in 12 oz pours. If I am able to get my hands on a bottle of this beer, I will add the picture later.


According to Terrapin’s website, Tiramisu-Hoo was brewed using 2-Row, Flaked Oats, Crystal 85, Chocolate Malt, Dehusked Carafa III, and Roasted Barley; Nugget hops; lactose; cocoa nibs from Tennessee chocolate maker Olive & Sinclair; coffee from Jittery Joe’s in Athens, GA; and vanilla. Terrapin’s Tiramisu-Hoo exhibits 30 IBUs (International Bitterness Units) and an Original Gravity (OG) of 20.7. Below is a commercial description from Terrapin’s website:

“Soak up all the flavor in our newest Reserve Series beer, Tiramisu-Hoo Imperial Milk Stout. With all the attributes of a finely executed dessert, we have managed to create a beer that is layered with all the goodness you would expect from a succulent slice of Italian history.” – Terrapin Beer Company

My next beer at the Crystal Beer parlor was Terrapin’s Cinnamon Roll’d Wake-n-Bake, a 9.4% ABV Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout, also brewed by the Terrapin Beer Company. This beer was first released under Terrapin’s Reserve Series in 2013 but I was unable to try it at that time. Thankfully, they decided on a re-release for this years Reserve Series beer. Also served on draft in 12 oz pours.


According to Terrapin’s website, Cinnamon Roll’d Wake-n-Bake was brewed using 2-Row Pale, Flaked Oat, Crystal 85, Chocolate, DH Carafa III, and Roasted Barley; Nugget hops; Jittery Joe’s coffee blend; and cinnamon. This beer exhibits 50 IBUs and an Original Gravity of 21.5. If I can find a bottle, I plan to add a picture at a later date as well. Below is Terrapin’s commercial description:

“Like your favorite breakfast treat and a great cup of coffee, Cinnamon Rolled Wake-n-Bake hits on all cylinders. Starting with a delicious coffee aroma, a touch of Cinnamon gives way to a sugary sweet icing flavor as a buttery nuttiness fills out the last drop of this breakfast in a glass.” – Terrapin Beer Company

* * * Update: I was able to obtain bottles of both Tiramisu-Hoo and Cinnamon Roll’d Wake-n-Bake and have since added photos of each bottle to the post as well. * * *

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