#620 Terrapin’s Side Project Volume 25 – Liquid Lunch & #621 Terrapin’s Side Project Volume 24 – Turtleneck

First off, I should say how great it is to be back in the US with the endless selection of craft beers to choose from. It was really missed. Last night (10/07/2015) I tried two more beers from the Christmas beer stockpile that has been awaiting me at my moms house over the last year (see post #618 for more info). Both beers were from the Terrapin Beer Company in Athens, Georgia, USA; both came from Habersham Beverage in Savannah, Georgia, USA; and both were part of their Side Project series.

The first beer was Terrapin’s Side Project Volume 25 – Liquid Lunch, a 7.7% alcohol by volume (ABV) Peanut Butter and Jelly Porter. Liquid Lunch came in a 1 pint 6 fl oz (650 mL) bottle with a label consisting of raspberry filled peanuts floating in a sea of peanut butter and jelly.


According to Terrapin’s website, Liquid Lunch was brewed using 2-Row Pale, Cara Pilsner, Malted Wheat, Crystal 85, Crystal 120, Chocolate Malt, Chocolate Wheat, and Black Malt; US Golding hops; raspberry puree; and peanut butter essence. Terrapin’s Side Project Volume 25 – Liquid Lunch exhibits 30 IBUs (International Bitterness Units) and an Original Gravity (OG) of 18.5. Below I added the commercial description from Terrapin’s website:

“Cut off the crust and unwrap the flavor of this fruit-centric beer. Handcrafted using real raspberries, Liquid Lunch Peanut Butter & Jelly Porter combines all the elements of a familiar lunchtime snack.” – Terrapin Beer Company

The next Side Project beer I tried last night was Terrapin’s Side Project Volume 24 – Turtleneck. Turtleneck is an 8.4% ABV Spiced Winter Warmer brewed using 2-Row Pale, Malted Wheat, Crystal 85, Honey Malt, and DH Carafe II; and Warrior and Nugget hops. Turtleneck exhibits 35 IBUs and an Original Gravity of 19.5.


Below I have added the commercial description for Turtleneck as well:

“Terrapin’s 2014 homebrew contest winners have created Turtleneck spiced winter warmer. Initially brewed in the backwoods of Athens, Georgia, or someone’s kitchen, this gingerbread cookie-inspired beer was artfully crafted by a crack team of Terrapin employees. Since no gingerbread men or women were harmed in the making of this beer, we hope you will enjoy with a clear conscience.” – Terrapin Beer Company

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