#615 Magic Hat’s Encore

Last night (11/22/2015) I tried another beer I got from the West Indies Wine Company located in Camana Bay on Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. This was Magic Hat’s Encore, a 6.4% alcohol by volume (or ABV) beer from the Magic Hat Brewing Company (currently owned by Cerveceria Costa Rica, a unit of the Costa Rican company Florida Ice & Farm Co.) headquartered in South Burlington, Vermont, USA.


Magic Hat’s Encore came in a 3/4 pint (12 fl oz) bottle with a colorful label consisting of a hand holding a lighter with the flame making the word encore, all in front of a 3 person band playing music in front of a crowd of people. The bottle gives us a hint at the mixed style of this beer with words like  “A Genre-Bending Mix” and “American Wheat I.P.A.” It also states this beer was a limited engagement.


According to Magic Hat’s website, Encore was brewed with pale, wheat, and cara vienna malts;  simcoe, cascade, and apollo hops (with simcoe and cascade in the dry hop as well); and a California yeast strain. Magic Hat’s Encore exhibits 45 IBUs (International Bitterness Units, measuring the bitterness) and 3.5 SRM (Standard Reference Method, measuring the color). This beer is available July through January in their IPA Playlist Variety Pak.

Below I have added two commercial descriptions taken from Magic Hat’s website:

“A genre-bending mix of an unfiltered American wheat beer and an IPA, Encore showcases the Simcoe hop with its heady floral nose and dry, citrusy hop finish.” – Magic Hat Brewing Company

“Encore is an American-Style IPA. Light in color and full of deep hoppy aromas, this beer showcases the Simcoe hop and its pungent aroma. Bitterness hits the palate and intensifies as the floral aroma fills the nose. It finished dry with a pleasant fruity flavor.” – Magic Hat Brewing Company

Information about beer found at:

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