#613 Magic Hat’s Starlit

Just kidding guys. At least a few more posts coming your way before we leave Grand Cayman after I found a couple of beers at the West Indies Wine Company that I haven’t tried before. We went there this past Friday for wine and cheese night (also probably our last night) and came home with three bottles from the Magic Hat Brewing Company.

I tried the first one yesterday (11/14/2015) before heading into town for Pirates Week festivities. This beer was Magic Hat’s Starlit, a 5.8% alcohol by volume (ABV) Robust English Porter brewed with star anise from the Magic Hat Brewing Company headquartered in South Burlington, Vermont, USA. Magic Hat is currently owned by Cerveceria Costa Rica (a unit of the Costa Rican company Florida Ice & Farm Co.).


Magic Hat’s Starlit is part of their Reclusive Rarities series which, according to their website, includes “lagers and ales brewed when we like. Often and without notice, they appear in the night. Obscure ingredients and myriad styles, these are the finest of potions to be kept on file.” You know you are out of the US when bottles come in 3/4 of a pint instead of 12 fluid ounces. Below I have added the commercial description of Starlit taken from Magic Hat’s website:

“Starlit is a true, robust English porter. Medium bodied and full of dark chocolate and caramel malt flavors. The finish is dried with lingering flavors of star anise and slight warmth of alcohol.” – Magic Hat Brewing Company

Information about beer found at:

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