#603 Victory’s Prima Pils

Last night (10/01/2015) I had another beer from the variety 6-pack I received from Kurt and Michelle for my birthday. I was almost certain I had counted Victory’s Prima Pils previously, but after utilizing the page’s search function, I found out that I hadn’t. I have to admit it does get a little tough keeping track of the beers after a while. Once again, this was a gift so I’m not exactly sure where the 6-pack came from but I have seen Victory beers available at a lot of the liquor stores in Grand Cayman.


Victory’s Prima Pils is a 5.3% alcohol by volume (ABV) German Pilsner from the Victory Brewing Company located in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, USA. This beer came in a 12 fl oz bottle with a green label and a yellow-gold hop pictured on the front. The enjoy by date was 10/05/2015, so I was cutting it pretty close.


According to Victory’s website, Prima Pils was brewed using imported 2 row German malts and whole flower German and Czech hops. Victory’s Prima Pils is available year-round in 12 oz bottles and on draft. They suggest you drink this beer chilled from a tall pilsner glass with maybe some seafood, burgers, or pizza on the side. Below I added a short flavor description take from Victory’s website:

“Heaps of hops are hiding under the full, frothy head of this elegant Pils. All German malt subtleties linger beneath a long dry finish of this classy quencher.” – Victory Brewing Company

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