#550 Strongbow Original Cider

And the beer I chose for my 550th is…….a cider! Strongbow Original Cider to be exact. I know, it’s not very American craft beer of me but after a long day of work in the hot sun all I wanted was a cider. So Ryan and I stopped off at Rackams Waterfront Restaurant & Bar for lunch before heading home from work. We both got the Fish N’ Chips (pictured below).

Rackam's 1

And now to the beer stuff. Or cider stuff in this case. Strongbow Original Cider was brewed by H. P. Bulmer (which in turn is owned by Heineken UK) located in Hereford, England and came in a 330 mL bottle with a black front label that reads Strongbow Original. This cider was light golden in color with a very faint white head mostly consisting of little bubbles. If blindfolded, you could gather this was a cider from the apple in the aroma. The taste reminded me of apple juice with some acidic/sour apple notes.

The bottle lists Strongbow Original Cider as an English Style Cider at 5% alcohol by volume. As of 2014, Strongbow Original Cider has been discontinued in the United States by Heineken, replacing it with two much sweeter ciders (Strongbow Gold and Strongbow Honey & Apple). Since the switch, numerous customers have complained on both Strongbow’s Facebook page and the USA Heineken Strongbow page.


Name: Strongbow Original Cider
Brewery: H. P. Bulmer (Heineken UK)
Brewery Location: Hereford – England
Style: English Style Cider
Alcohol By Volume (ABV): 5%
Location Purchased: Rackams Waterfront Restaurant & Bar
Date Sampled: February 4, 2015

Information about cider found at:

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