#327 Hop Rising


Decided to get a good 4 mile run in today along the levee path (also known as the Mississippi River Trail) in New Orleans, Louisiana. After working up a good sweat with my girlfriend (she ran 8 miles!), we decided to hit up The Sammich on Maple Street for some duck fat fries, a few “sammiches” (duck confit and pork belly confit), and a nice cold beer (beer selection pictured above). Didn’t get many opportunities to have a beer with lunch on Fridays since I’m usually working at Elio’s Wine Warehouse, so I decided to seize the opportunity. I went with Hop Rising from the Utah Brewers Cooperative, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. This Double India Pale Ale (IPA) was served in a 12 fluid ounce bottle with a label of a farmer holding a hop-impaled pitchfork. The 9% alcohol by volume lets you know this beer is a double, and the 75 IBUs (International Bitterness Units) tells you it is an IPA. I picked up a lot of citrus with this beer, on both the aroma and the taste. The taste also offered a good balance of malt sweetness, especially for a hop forward Double IPA. The Utah Brewers Cooperative is actually the combination of two breweries, Wasatch Beers and Squatters Pub Brewery, who decided to join forces in 2000 when the two companies weren’t excelling as well as they had expected to on their own. 


Name: Hop Rising
Brewery: Utah Brewers Cooperative
Brewery Location: Salt Lake City – Utah – United States
Style: Double India Pale Ale (IPA)
ABV: 9%
Location Purchased: The Sammich (New Orleans – Louisiana – United States)
Date Sampled: May 2 2014

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